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Copper Cables, Connectors, Bulk Cable, and Tools

When setting up a computer network - whether for business or personal use - it’s important to make sure that the connections and bulk cable you’re using are strong and reliable so you can be assured your network will work properly. That’s why Gruber Communication Products offers a wide variety of bulk cable, including cat5 cable, cat6 cable, and cat6a cable - all of which come in a strong copper variety.

Cables - Category 5e - Cat6 - Cat6A - Coax - A/V
(2362 Items)
Connectors - Keystone, RJ, Telco, Coax, D-Sub, 110
(272 Items)
Wall Plates & Boxes
Wall Plates & Boxes
(52 Items)
Bulk Cable - Cat5e, Cat6, Telco, Coax
Bulk Cable
(35 Items)
Feedthru and Category Panels
(57 Items)
Blocks-110 & M66
Blocks-110 & M66
(16 Items)
Accessories & Tools
Accessories & Tools
(6 Items)