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About Gruber Communications | Letter from CEO Pete Gruber

Dear Customer,

Despite advice from trusted team members, I decided to put a picture of myself on a forklift.

Their well-intentioned concern was whether we are projecting the correct image since you are undoubtedly used to seeing pictures of well manicured CEO’s in expensive suits with carefully arranged backgrounds grace these portions of catalogs, despite the fact we all know they don’t look this way all the time.

Someone hastily snapped this picture while I was helping out in the warehouse one day. The more I looked at this picture, I began to feel it really embodies the culture and attitude here at Gruber. We all pitch in and get the job done, regardless of rank, position, or tenure, to give you, our customers, the exceptional service you have become accustomed to.

Fortunately, we have not forgotten we all work for you, our customers and it shows in everything we do.

We strive very hard every day to make or find you the best products available in this global marketplace and provide them to you at modest markups to help you be as competitive as possible.

Why do we operate this way? Beside the fact we like you, we have some selfish reasons as well. We know that your success means our success. Together, in partnership, we can all prosper and thrive in a market exploding with opportunity. We welcome all business, no matter how small or large. Having been small once ourselves, we are eternally grateful to the vendors who treated us like a “large” customer both in service and pricing to help us prosper and grow into the wonderful company we have become.

You have probably gathered by now this is an innovative company not afraid to break the rules of convention. I have a story to tell you.

Many people are curious as to why we put a piece of candy inside every product we ship. The answer is simple...we know you like it.

The idea originated years ago while I was enjoying a meal at an outdoor eatery on a wonderful sunny Phoenix day. Besides the great atmosphere, I pondered what it was that compelled me to drive to this quaint sandwich shop every day.

As I finished my sandwich, I realized I looked forward to the candy treat at the bottom of each bag. I sensed they cared about their customers and this was their way of telling me so.

Every time you receive product from us, let our candy treat remind you we feel you are special and we appreciate you.

We all truly value your business past present and future!

Peter Gruber
Phoenix Corporate
21439 N. 2nd Ave. - Phoenix, AZ 85027