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Category Product Patch Panel Test Procedure

Gruber Industries Incorporated

Corporate Training Program

Category Product Patch Panel Test Procedure



The approved Gruber Industries category series Patch Panel test procedure is a finished product testing procedure.  The Category series printed circuit board subassemblies are constructed from 100% American made materials including all connectors, board material, and extrusion material.

This final test procedure is confined to testing for continuity, cross-wiring, shorts, intermittent connections, and tests for assuring wiring pattern.  All category performance compliance testing is performed on the printed circuit board assemblies prior to this procedure.



   12-342200        Automated Tester       Computer based scanning port test unit

                                                                  Capable of  determining:

                                                                  Intermittent connections

                                                                  Cross wiring

                                                                  Open connections

                                                                  Also test for wiring style                            


   17-701400        RJ21x to 110 Cable    Used for connecting automated tester to 110 rear panel

   17-701200       RJ21x Hydra Cable    Used for connecting automated tester to front RJ45 ports



Activate automated tester and set on slow scan mode.  Insert 17-7014 into port A/B on automated tester and using 110 shoe assembly, into rear of  8 port assembly to be tested.  Insert all 8 plugs on 17-7012 into front of Patch Panel to be tested. 
(The cables used determine the wiring pattern ie; 568A or 568B)



          Stage 1

Activate the scanning function with error detection enabled.  A successful pass is indicated by repeated scan without error tone generator being enabled.


          Stage 2

Reset scan feature and switch to high current intermittent test.  Observe all indicators are lit and wiggle input and output cables.  Any errors at this point will show up either visually with blinking LED's indicating the defective wiring path, and/or audible tone with error LED illuminated for momentary intermittent connections.


          Stage 3

          This sequence completes the signal integrity portion of the testing. 

          (See visual QC inspection section next)