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Why use Gruber Industries for service? 
Gruber Industries offers the broadest line of products and services in this industry, for protection of your critical electronic assets. 
In addition, Gruber Industries offers significant savings over single brand factory service. Gruber Industries commitment to servicing 
your entire power protection system without brand limits will translate into bottom line operational savings for your company.

What differentiates Gruber Industries from other service providers? 
Gruber Industries is recognized in the marketplace as a company that can deliver. When service is bought, an exchange occurs in which risk is sold. 
Selling risk to a shaky, understaffed, undercapitalized service provider actually adds rather than reduces risk. 
Gruber Industries has superior resources and stability making the this transfer of risk a sound investment.

Does Gruber Industries offer international models? 
Gruber Industries is not limited to one brand. Rather than offer brand specific solutions, 
we can offer application specific solution. Our wide range of models available are designed for both the domestic and international market.

What does kVA mean? VA mean? 
The output of a UPS is measured in volt-amperes or VA (output voltage x output current). 
The term kVA refers to kilo-volt-amperes or VA x 1000.

What is the wattage and VA relationship? 
Put simply, real power (watts)/apparent power (VA) = power factor

What is the difference between on-line and off-line? 
On-line UPS implies that an electronic inverter is constantly supplying AC power to the load under all modes of operation. 
Off-line UPS supply input utility to the load during normal operation and revert to a battery-powered inverter during utility failures.

Is on-line UPS better? 
On-line UPS provide better overall power protection to the load than off-line. This protection includes power conditioning, 
regulated voltage and frequency, and zero translation time to battery during a utility failure.

How do I size a UPS for my application? 
Multiply the voltage rating of the equipment by the current rating of the equipment to obtain a VA rating. 
The UPS must be rated to deliver at least this VA rating. See the Partner Solutions section of our web site for more info.

Can a single UPS support more than one workstation or server? 
Yes, if the UPS is sized large enough for the application. Maintaining close proximity of the hardware to be supported is preferred 
to long distance electrical runs which can cause unwanted ground current imbalances. 
Our technical staff is available to assist in the design of the electrical distribution.

Can we change the voltage taps inside the UPS module to change the input voltage wiring? 
Taps inside the UPS module should only be changed by a qualified Gruber Industries Field Engineers.

How does Gruber Industries calculate battery time? 
Battery times are calculated based on empirical lab measurements and is referred to in our products' technical specifications.

Can you monitor and control UPS(s) remotely? 
Yes, by using remote hardware designed by Gruber Industries and our vendors customers can monitor and view remotely. 
This can also be done with a network management software package and network adapter products.